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My name is Tanya Marie Reeves and I am a Women's Empowerment Artist.

Over the past 20 years I have created and sold over 200 original artworks internationally. I have participated in residencies abroad and exhibited my artwork in galleries and fairs throughout Australia, in France, Italy, Malta, New York and London. I have won numerous awards including the Gold Award for the Master of Art International in the United Kingdom, and more importantly, transformed women's lives.


I create beautiful, bold, bespoke artwork of empowered women upon the canvas. I illuminate a woman's divine authenticity, creating a visual impact in her life with something of value, originality, colour and beauty; a representation which embodies her truth, further ignites her desires to step into her higher self, and allows her to always honour and nurture her inner Goddess.

I take the time to connect with you as we delve into exactly what you are looking for. I conceptualise your needs, researching and exploring expression and body language, symbolism and totems, word, name and colour meanings, and then I create a unique representation of the essence of your being onto the canvas. I transform your energy into something tangible, to make a visual impact in your life with something of value, originality, colour and beauty.

I wish every woman the confidence to always know her self worth, the courage to never stop chasing her dreams, the conviction to always speak her truth, the wisdom to know how much she is loved and the moxie to proclaim her veracity to the world.

❤︎ Tanya x.

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